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No job is too big or too small, whether you are moving into a different state or just around the corner we know that moving you belongings can be a hassle. There is packing and hauling, making sure you have everything and later unpacking and reassembling. DC Capital Movers have carefully planned and organized solutions for anyone of your individual moving issues.


One up front and clear price. Quality movers and a highly planned moving service which will save you time and money.

DC Capital Movers

Our  promise to all of our clients and customers is to provide them with the very best moving service in Washington DC. DC Capital Movers makes you sure that the will be no hidden fee and no unpleasant surprises. For us customer satisfaction is the most important part of the moving service.

We make your Moving a Success!

We are always happy to consult customers about moving. Always happy to answer questions. Always happy to assist and elp out. Always happy to make your moving experience easier and fun.